Sunmaster Close Coupled Systems

The Sunmaster close coupled system’s storage tank and solar collector panels are linked together and installed on the roof. Using thermosiphoning (i.e. hot water rises) to circulate water through the collectors and into the storage tank, there are no moving parts and no need for a pump.

·         200 or 330 litre capacity storage

·         Available with electric boost or continuous flow gas boost

·         Enduro collectors use aluminium fin solar absorber to maximise efficiency

·         Frost valves available

·         Collectors manufactured in Australia

·         A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection

·         Warranty is 5 years on the tanks and 7 years on the collectors


Rinnai Equinox Sunmaster VE 330L 

System change starting from $3,300 after rebates

Rinnai Vitreous enamel systems have a carbon steel tank with a VE glass lining to protect against corrosion, and an extra protection of an anode to ensure full protection against differing water qualities. These panels are Australian made, the tank made in Rinnai’s china factory, with the trusted Rinnai brand Equinox.

The vitreous enamel, mild steel tank has a warranty of 5 years.

Tank Size


Tank Material

Mild Steel (carbon steel), VE glass lining



Standard STC’s on 330L System



Tank (5 & 3) Panels (7 & 1) Parts 1 year

Included Extras

Thermosiphon Arrestor Valve


* Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable

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